Intouch-Therapy - Counselling.  Clinical Hypnotherapy.
What will happen at the first session?
The first session is normally a fact finding session for both parties. The counsellor will be focused on establishing your reasons for seeking therapy and ascertaining whether therapy could be beneficial for you. They will explain how the therapeutic relationship works and will aim to answer any questions you might have about the process.  For you, the client, this session is an opportunity for you to gain some insight into the therapeutic process.  It is also a chance for you to share any worries and concerns you might have.
How often will the sessions take place and how long are they?
This is entirely dependent on a number of factors; the nature of the issues that have brought you to seek therapy,  how long these issues have been troubling you and of course your availability to attend the sessions.  I have found that regular weekly sessions at the beginning of the therapy, set at regular and consistent times, have proved very beneficial in establishing reliable and solid therapeutic relationship. The sessions are 50 minutes in duration with the exception of the initial consultation which may vary.
How long will I need to stay in therapy?
This is, again, largely dependent on the issues that have brought about the necessity for therapy and how long they have been a problem in your life. Some clients may find that after one or two sessions they have reached a level of clarity from which they can begin to make changes in their life without further support where as others may need to continue for a number of weeks or months.  The issue of when to end the therapy is very much something that both the counsellor and client will contribute to. I set regular progress updates throughout the therapy to assess how the client and counsellor feel that the therapy is going.
How can Psychotherapy and Counselling help me?
Psychotherapy is focused on dealing with elements from your past that may be holding you back in your present. During the course of the psychotherapeutic relationship your counsellor will spend time talking over experiences from your past and help you to understand how your reaction to these experiences may be influencing who you are today.  Your counsellor will not be there to give you advice or tell you how to tackle the problems that you are facing, they will be there to provide a safe, non judgemental environment in which you can discuss your fears and anxieties and begin to understand how issues in your life are affecting you and how you can make changes for the future. The decisions you make will be your decisions, your counsellor is there solely to support you as you identify your problems, face any difficult emotions and make plans moving forward.
What is the cost of counselling & psychotherapy?
The cost of sessions is £45. Special consideration may be given in the case of hardship. Your counsellor will discuss methods of payment with you at the initial consultation. Unfortunately due to the high volume of clients requiring therapy I do have to charge for missed appointments or those cancelled without 24 hours notice. Fees are reviewed annually.
How can Hypnotherapy help me?
Any course of action or condition which requires what is commonly called "will power" or "mind over matter" will benefit from hypnosis.
What happens during hypnosis?
A typical hypnotic session begins with an induction procedure in which you will follow instructions which will enable you to relax your muscles, slow your breathing and sink gently into a hypnotic trance.  Devices such as counting backwards or visualising walking down a flight of stairs are used to deepen the trance.  The real work for the therapist begins at this stage when,  suggestions, which have been agreed in advance with the client, are introduced or analysis takes place.  On completion, you will then be guided back to full conciousness with an instruction to be full of energy, happy and relaxed.
What is the cost of hypnotherapy?
The cost of hypnotherapy sessions is £60 per session.  
HypnoBirthing courses are charged at £300.
Baby Care Masterclass is £50.
HypnoGastricBand© Therapy is charged at £350 for the course.
Fertility by Hypnosis is £60 per session.