Intouch-Therapy - Counselling.  Clinical Hypnotherapy.
If you are suffering from unexplained infertility or infertility with a cause you are probably feeling that no one understands how you feel and very alone. Every month seems like a lifetime. All around you people seem to be falling pregnant. I am here to support you and help you through this very emotional time.
If you are considering IVF, or already in an IVF cycle let me help you increase the statistics to over 50%!
You will be dealt with the utmost respect during this very delicate and vulnerable time. I also understand that everyone is completely individual and the program is suitable for all types of fertility issues.

Subconscious blocks have often been the cause of infertility whether there is a physiological cause or not. Many people however do not realise just how deeply these experiences have affected them, some may not even remember the experiences at all or it may be that the deep stress levels brought on by an infertility diagnosis are affecting you to the degree that infertility treatment is just not working for you... yet.

Dr. Alice Domar a leading figure in mind/body medicine and woman's health has conducted many studies into the link between stress and infertility. It is important to note that in a recent study it was concluded that even success rates of high-tech infertility treatment can be adversely affected by psychological stress.

A Domar study published in 2000 in the journal Fertility and Sterility, looked at 185 woman who had been trying to conceive for one to two years. The women were split into three random groups; mind/body, support and controls (the controls group used no mind/body techniques) amazingly 55% of the previously infertile women who met regularly in a mind/body program conceived, as did 54% of the support group, contrasting to just 20% in the controls group.

Mind/body treatment of infertility patients has been shown to both increase pregnancy rates as well as reducing psychological distress. As all hypnosis is self hypnosis I will be your guide into this relaxed state. Self hypnosis is an amazing way to reduce stress, however as a skilled professional I will be there to facilitate some of the deeper work that may be necessary to achieve natural or medically assisted fertility. I use powerful techniques to reinforce the mind/body connection.
If you are trying to get pregnant- get IN TOUCH
Sessions are £60.
Unfortunately due to the high volume of clients requiring therapy I do have to charge for missed appointments or those cancelled without 24 hours notice.
Fees are reviewed annually.