Intouch-Therapy - Counselling.  Clinical Hypnotherapy.
Hypnotherapy is a highly effective, ancient practice which has been recognised by The British Medical Association since 1958.
Anyone can be hypnotised and people often experience hypnosis as a state of wonderful physical and mental relaxation.  Because we are all unique, each client is treated on an individual basis with treatment geared to you personally.
You are in control at all times and you will be able to bring yourself out of the trance state at any time.
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Free 10 minute relaxation
Sessions are £60.
Unfortunately due to the high volume of clients requiring therapy I do have to charge for missed appointments or those cancelled without 24 hours notice.
Fees are reviewed annually.
Our areas of expertise;
Deep relaxation
Boost confidence
Increase self esteem
Relieve depression
Stress & Tension relief
Help for Anxiety & Panic attacks
Beat Phobias
Break Habits
Beat OCD
Lose weight
Combat emotional trauma
Pain relief
Eliminate sexual dysfunction
Infertility & childbirth
Beat insomnia
Bereavement care
Anger management
Better pre & post surgery healing