Intouch-Therapy - Counselling.  Clinical Hypnotherapy.
"My sister in law arranged for me to see Marisa Harding following the suicide of my fiancé in December 2014. I had to pack up my home and move immediately because I couldn't go back there after finding him dead. I then had to move out of my mums within a few weeks because she was not mentally stable enough to look after me. All of this occurred over the Christmas period. I saw Marisa from the beginning of January until the 10th June 2015 and I can categorically say that here is no way I would have got through the last six months without Marisa's support and guidance. She is incredibly empathetic and extremely professional. Her ability to gently guide me towards the answers for my problems was amazing. She didn't tell me what I needed to do, she would make suggestions to help me arrive at those conclusions myself, which is a fantastic technique. It allowed me to logically think through my problems and understand the answers, giving me the tools I needed to work through each issue as it came along. Marisa genuinely cared about my recovery and I felt comfortable talking to her about absolutely anything from the start. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend her to anyone that needed help following a traumatic experience. Thank you Marisa!! xx" S

"I started seeing Marisa, following years of unhappiness, caused by a combination of a broken relationships, job loss, major surgery and also the real prospect of losing my home. I started to think that life could never ever get better. Every day seemed grey and hopeless. Marisa is amazing, she really empathises with her clients situation, and goes that extra mile to research ways to make that persons life better. Her determination is incredible- and although I am not out of the woods yet, I firmly believe that with her help I am going to turn things round, and find the settled life that I long for." H

"Marisa offered friendly and sympathetic support to my teenage son at a time of difficult transition in his life. He was reassured by how easy it was to talk to her, by her non-judgemental manner, and by her many practical and effective suggestions for tackling anxiety and stress. We were lucky to have found her." E

"I cannot deny that I came to the process of therapy with skepticism  after all how can just sitting opposite someone whom you have never met before understand enough to make a difference? This became the joy of my first lesson learned. Marisa's training abilities and calm confidence in the process began to do their much needed job. The only way that I can explain it is: Imagine your life being a beautifully designed stained glass window. You suddenly become aware of the fact that there are certain areas of your window (not all) where the colours have become dull, cracks have begun to appear; indeed some of the pieces are shattered and are laying at your feet. It would be very easy for me to write that Marisa buffed the dull bits dabbed a bit of glue over the cracks picked all of the bits up and shoved them back into place job done. Not so: This is another great lesson that I have learned about therapy. Marisa gave me the duster and slowly but surely with support and encouragement I did the work necessary to bring the colours back into the right focus. With that same support and encouragement from Marisa I was able to use what I can only describe as healing glue to mend the cracks beautifully. The hardest part was dealing with the shards of glass on the ground but piece by painful piece I have managed (with a good deal of support) to not only replace those painful pieces but to understand the fact that if I held them up to the light as I replaced them somehow they looked and felt less uncomfortable.  I am sure it had a lot to do with my perspective coupled with Marisa's steadfast abilities and encouragement. I now feel sure that in the event of having to face those same life circumstances again I would be far less traumatised. Currently I do not expect the roller coaster that is my life to slow down anytime soon. But I do now ride it with my feet flat on the floor; breathing calmly and not clinging on for dear life as before: but with a new found confidence; smiling during the peaks and relishing the challenges of the troughs all thanks to a wonderful therapist whose training skills confidence and abilities have seen the therapeutic process triumph once again." A

"I will never forget everything you have done for me and my life" V

"I found Marisa Harding to be helpful and friendly. The hypnotherapy sessions were relaxing and made me feel calmer. She is a good listener and offers good advice. I would go back to her if I needed to." L

"Thank you for all you have done and are doing to rebuild my life.  I am so pleased to be working with you and you are making such a difference to a very worn down existence!  I am now looking forward to a whole new life which could never have happened without you."  H

"I'm really enjoying my new job and thank you again for everything! L

“I very much took Marisa at her word when on week 1 she asked us to ‘go with it’ and not try to logic the experience that was to come. This is something I have a habit of doing much too much, and so it was a relief really. However I also can struggle to articulate my feelings, which is perhaps why I have developed this habit. so when at the end of the course we were asked to report on how it had been for us, I really didn’t know what to say. It has taken the fullness of time for me to realise just how much of a resource this technique is for me, or should I say for my long suffering body. I have had IBS for ten years now, and in the past few weeks I was hit with an unending cycle of it for the first time in a long time. I knew exactly why it was happening – anxiety relating to life events and internal processes – but that didn’t make it any better. So I turned to TRE. It really is like flicking a switch! All I have to do is put in the time, be open to it, let it happen. and my body will heal itself. Wonderful! I still take a lot from my mindfulness practices, and feel the two complement each other very well. I’m so pleased however to have this in my back pocket – thank you.!
LOS Oxfordshire

“I was extremely nervous, to say the least about my first TRE session. As it turned out I really shouldn’t have worried. It was a very unusual but pleasurable experience. Although initially I had some very unpleasant dreams after TRE, this didn’t happen every time. Marisa reassured me this was all part of the TRE therapy. Since I have finished my 6 week course I have continued with TRE 2 – 3 times a week, I find it’s something I look forward to doing as I feel very calm afterwards and am definitely benefiting from it AND I’ve joined a gym just for ladies!”
CG Oxfordshire

“Marisa, As you know, in the last year I have escaped a 5 year domestic violence situation and am fighting for custody of my child  all whilst recovering from  back surgery which resulted from the last DV attack, this left me in constant pain, reliant on painkillers and unable to work.  Since my last TRE session I have felt much more able to deal with my situation , I have noticed that I am far more relaxed mentally and physically. My back has been a lot better, I no longer need any medication.  I have found your sessions both in therapy and TRE to be of great help.  I can’t believe that I feel so much more empowered to deal with my difficult situation.”
EM London

“I have just completed my sixth session of TRE and I can’t believe the difference it has made to my life. I have always struggled with anxiety and now I know from the course that my body was holding a lot of tension and trauma. I feel like a new person with a new body that is not holding onto stress anymore. Marisa made me feel very relaxed and safe from the beginning. I found the exercises easy to follow and the vibrations that my body felt during the session were a pleasant sensation. I experienced a sense of feeling light and was giggly throughout the sessions. After each TRE  I always felt very relaxed, content and calm. Since finishing the course I have noticed that my body feels more balanced which has dramatically reduced my anxiety and my stress levels have practically disappeared. It is such a lovely feeling knowing I have TRE to use as a tool to help me for the rest of my life. Thank you.”
SH Warwickshire