Intouch-Therapy - Counselling.  Clinical Hypnotherapy.
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Many of us have experienced periods in our lives when we have felt; confused, lost, alone and unsure of the next step. It is in these situations that therapy can offer help and support in providing a professional, non judgemental and empathetic ear, ready to listen and to try and help you understand how past experiences, worries about the future or lack of self confidence may be affecting your life in the present.
I will help you to reflect on how you respond to events, and deal with relationships in your life.  The therapeutic relationship with your counsellor will provide a safe place in which you can explore your; thoughts, feelings and beliefs, feelings that you may find difficult to share with those close to you.  My aim is not to provide advice or guidance but to help you start to find your own path and make your own choices moving forward.
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Marisa Harding IN TOUCH Psychotherapy. Counselling. Clinical Hypnotherapy. Total Release Experience (TRE)